Monday, November 26, 2018

Recommended Reads: Ask Again Later

Ask Again Later is a funny book about a girl with a lot of problems. Firs off, her name is Heart LaCoeur (la coeur is French for "the heart" so her name is literally Heart The Heart you guys!). Second, she has vowed NEVER to be in a relationship because she does not want to be like her mom, who got pregnant and married at a young age and ended up leaving the family when Heart was little. Third, two guys have asked her to prom. That last one doesn't sound like that bad of a problem, except that Heart really doesn't want to go with either of them, she wants to stick to her plan of going to prom with a big group of friends and have a great time. But, she feels REALLY bad about saying no to either of them, because one is just a really nice, sweet guy from drama who she's friends with, and the other is her brother's best friend who has just been dumped by his long-time girlfriend. 

Heart can't make up her mind who to go with, so she flips a coin to see what she should do - and that's when things get weird. Basically, the book is told on two separate time lines - you get to read what happens when Heart says yes to her theater friend AND what happens when she says yes to her brother's best friend. Both turn out to be basically the prom from her nightmares - with the added complication that one of her best friends may actually have a huge crush on her, and may have been planning to ask her to prom himself. 

It's a really fun, lighthearted read and you can download it from Hoopla Digital with your library card. 

Official rating: 2/4 Booker Bears. 

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