Monday, July 9, 2018

What I Love About the Library - by a Teen Volunteer

Coziness, kindness, and clarity are just a few words to describe the library and all it brings. 

Being a teen myself, I always want time away from home, friends, and all the stress and drama of life, making the library the best place to get my mind off things. Not only can teens benefit from the selection of books, movies, and magazines, they can also benefit from the atmosphere that makes you feel at home and allows you to escape your troubles. 

Reading is something that transports you and expands your knowledge and imagination. Reading makes you who you are, and helps you grow. However, I truly need peace and quiet to allow reading to grow my imagination and transport me to many different places. Though peace and solitude are rarely found in busy lives, the library helps you gain the much needed space and explore worlds unknown. 

Teens can gain much by meeting new people with similar interests as well! The library is full of people who want and crave the same things you do. While quietness can be achieved, so can expanding your horizons by meeting people that you can connect with. The summer reading program for children, teens, and adults is a great example of how reading and music can truly speak to people and bring them together.

I volunteer twice a week at the library and I can truly see children’s minds expanding and growing due to not only the great reading time, but the making of new friends. Reading expands their imagination and creativity but meeting new friends that have the same interests as them makes them feel comfortable and happy. Seeing smiley children talking about their favorite books and truly connecting is a beautiful sight to see. 

The best of both worlds can easily be achieved for kids of all ages due to the ability to connect with others while still having tranquility and peace. In addition, the immense variety of all different types of books, magazines, and even movies truly help children find their passion and can expand their imagination immensely. For myself, my favorite part about reading is the ability to be completely taken captive by the characters, settings, and plots of the book. The library truly helps you transport yourself to worlds unknown and allows you to indulge in foreign places, people, and stories. The peaceful, welcoming environment helps you truly find your place, whether that is inside a book or connecting with others! 

Submitted by Nina Hook, Library Volunteer

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Welcome to the TeenXing!

It's pronounced "teen-zing" btw, and it stands for Teen Crossing. It's the new Teen Blog for the Yuma County Library District with content created by the Teen Services staff (for now) and the teens themselves (eventually)!

We will be posting all kinds of content - everything from artwork to essays to fanfic as well as games, contests, book recommendations and silly stuff.

So, welcome, watch this space for updates, and send us submissions of things you would like to see either by leaving us a comment below or by e-mailing us at We're looking forward to sharing your work and your thoughts with the world!