Monday, August 27, 2018

Program Review: Debit, Credit and Alternative Forms of Payment

On Thursday, August 16th, Business Librarian Andrew Zollman took over the teen room at the Main Library to host a program about finances for teens. This is the first program in a series of financial classes on different topics specially for teens. Blogger Nina Hook was at the program and she tells us what she thought.


"As teenagers, most of us are learning responsibility little by little from the things we do wrong and the praise we get when we do right. However, one of the biggest responsibilities in life that sometimes never gets taught is money management.

On a Thursday evening, I attended an informational session on credit, debit, and cash for teenagers that really opened my mind and gave me a new perspective. Walking in, I felt confident in my responsibility and my knowledge on the subject, but walking out, I had a new perspective due to all the important pieces of information that I hadn’t known.

The program hit on the vital basic knowledge of credit, debit, and cash while diving deeper into tips and tricks, like when to use what. The basic knowledge was so important to understanding the concepts and ideas that came later. In addition, knowing when to use what truly helped me realize how much better I could be managing my money.

The session touched on subjects from basic credit card formats to money markets and how to keep a high credit score. For teenagers, this is such a helpful approach because every teenager is at a different level when it comes to their prior knowledge of money management.

The second I got home, I ran to my dad to tell him how much I’ve learned in just a short hour and how I wanted to start another savings account with a higher interest rate to save for college, or my adulthood, and other similar things. This idea sprung to my head during the informational when the speaker informed us about the importance of a savings account with a high interest rate, especially if you are wanting more long-term growth. My dad, surprised as ever, was very eager and happy to look into it for me and very grateful for the informational I attended.

Young adults often have crazy busy lives and already plenty of responsibilities, but we often forget that there are so many more important things to learn. There are things to learn that are applicable to our lives right now and their importance should not be underestimated. Money management through credit, debit, and cash truly opened my eyes to a new perspective. It encouraged me to get a financial start on my life now and I highly encourage that you take that opportunity too. "

Submitted by Nina Hook. 

Andrew Zollman will be offering his next program in our teen finance series on Thursday, September 20th in the teen room at Main Library. This session will focus on the different types of banks out there and the different types of accounts they offer. The program is for ages 13-18 but parents are welcome too if they are accompanied by a teen. 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Featured Artist: Andres Felix

These ARE the droids we were looking for!

Congratulations to Alex Felix, who is our artist of the week! Andres, your art will be our blog background for this week. Great job!

Star Wars Droids by Andres Felix

Monday, August 13, 2018

Featured Artist: Andy Monteverde

Check out this amazing drawing of Goku in Super Saiyan form by local teen Andy Monteverde! We think it's pretty awesome!

Congratulations Andy, you're our Artist of the Week! For the rest of this week, your drawing will be used as the blog background image! WOOT!

Super Saiyan Goku by Andy Monteverde

Monday, August 6, 2018

Caption This - August Contest

Every month, our blog will host a "Caption This" contest. Give us your best, funniest caption for the month's featured photo. The teen staff will pick their three favorite captions and they will be featured here on the blog. Comment your caption below, e-mail it to us or send it in via e-mail to

Caption This!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

And The Winner Is........

We have a winner for our "caption this" contest for July!
Check the picture below for the winners and the runners up!

The winning caption: "My Fortnight Squad!"

Other captions that made us laugh:
"The Jedi Reporgblick."
"The Porgs Awaken."
"When you're the only one to show up in a costume...."

Check back next week for a new contest!